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26 February 2019
Houry Melkonian

Consider a periodic function $f$, such that its restriction to the unit segment lies in the Banach space $L^2=L^2(0,1)$. Denote by $S$ the family of dilations $f(nx)$ for all $n$ positive integer.    The purpose of this talk is to discuss the following question: When does $S$ form a Riesz basis of $L^2$?

In this talk, we will present a new \textit{mutli-term} criteria for determining Riesz basis properties of $S$ in $L^2$. This method was established in [L. Boulton, H. Melkonian; arXiv: 1708.08545 J. (2017), to appear at the Journal of Analysis and its Applications (ZAA)] and it relies on a general framework developed by Hedenmalm, Lindqvist and Seip about 20 years ago, which turns the basis question into one about the localisation of the zeros and poles of a corresponding analytic multiplier. Our results improve upon various criteria formulated previously, which give sufficient conditions for invertibility of the multiplier in terms of sharp estimates on the Fourier coefficients.

  • Functional Analysis Seminar


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