OxPDE 21.01 Divergence-Measure Fields Gauss-Green Formulas and Normal Traces by Gui-Qiang G. Chen & Monica Torres.pdf

OxPDE 21.02 Stability of Conical Shocks in the Three-Dimensional Steady Supersonic Isothermal Flows Past Lipschitz Perturbed Cones by Gui-Qiang G. Chen, Jie Kuangz & Yongqian Zhang.pdf

OxPDE 21.03 Infinite-time Concentration in Aggregation–Diffusion Equations with a Given Potential by J.A. Carrillo, D. Gómez-Castroy & J.L. Vázquez.pdf

OxPDE 21.04 Weak Continuity of the Cartan Structural System and Compensated Compactness on Semi-Riemannian Manifolds with Lower Regularity by Gui-Qiang G. Chen & Siran Li.pdf



PDE-CDT 20.01 - Augmented Lagrangian Preconditioners for the Oseen–Frank Model of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals- Jingmin Xia, Patrick E. Farrell, & Florian Wechsung PDECDT 20.01.pdf

PDE-CDT 20.02 - Finite Element Approximation of Elliptic Homogenization Problems in Nondivergence-Form - Yves Capdeboscq, Timo Sprekeler & Endre Suli PDECDT 20.02.pdf

PDE-CDT 20.03 - Conformal scattering of the Maxwell-scalar eld system on de Sitter space - Grigalius Taujanskas PDECDT 20.03.pdf

PDE-CDT 20.04 - Augmented saddle point formulation of the steady-state Stefan–Maxwell diffusion problem - Alexander Van-Brunt & Charles W. Monroe PDECDT 20.04.pdf

PDE-CDT 20.05 - Spin(7) Instantons and Hermitian Yang-Mills Connections for the Stenzel Metric - Vasileios Ektor Papoulias PDECDT 20.05.pdf

PDE-CDT 20.06 - Local pointwise second derivative estimates for strong solutions to the σk-Yamabe equation on Euclidean domains -  Johan Duncan & Luc Nguyen PDECDT 20.06.pdf


PDE-CDT 19.01 - Large data decay of Yang-Mills-Higgs fields on Minkowski and de Sitter spacetimes - Grigalius Taujanskas PDECDT 19.01.pdf


PDE-CDT 18.01 - L1-Estimates and A-Weakly Differentiable Functions - Bogdan Raita 

PDE-CDT 18.02 - Vanishing Viscosity Approach to the Compressible Euler Equations for Transonic Nozzle and Spherically Symmetric Flows- Gui-Qiang G Chen & Matthew Schrecker PDECDT 18.02.pdf

PDE-CDT 18.03 - Stability of Steady Multi-Wave Configurations For The Full Euler Equations Of Compressible Fluid Flow- Gui-Qiang G Chen & Matthew Rigby PDECDT 18.03.pdf

PDE-CDT 18.04 - Fast mean-reversion asymptotics for large portfolios of stochastic volatility models - Nikolaos Kolliopoulos PDECDT 18.04.pdf

PDE-CDT 18.05 - Extremal Rank-one Convex Integrands and a Conjecture of šverák - André Guerra PDECDT 18.05.pdf


PDE-CDT 17.01 - Stochastic evolution equations for large portfolios of stochastic volatility models - Ben Hambly & Nikolaos Kolliopoulos

PDE-CDT 17.02 - On critical Lp- differentiability of BD-maps - Franz Gmeineder & Bogdan Raita PDECDT 17.02.pdf


PDE-CDT 16.01 - Ergodic Backward Stochastic Difference Equations- Andrew L Allan & Samuel N Cohen PDECDT 16.01.pdf

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