Oxbridge PDE Conference 2019

Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 March 2019

L3, Andrew Wiles Building, Oxford

The ninth annual two-day conference held alternately in Oxford and Cambridge, focusing on analysis and PDE.


Sylvie Benzoni-Gavage (Lyon) - Periodic Waves in Dispersive PDEs and Their Modulations

Jessica Guerand (Cambridge) - Quantitative Parabolic Regularity à la De Giorgi

Joachim Krieger (EPFL) - Randomization Improved Strichartz Estimates and an Application

Jan Sbierski (Oxford) - Uniqueness & Non-Uniqueness Results for Wave Equations

Paolo Secchi (UNIBS) - Anisotropic Regularity of Weakly Stable Solutions to Hyperbolic Mixed Problems

Juan Luis Vázquez Suárez (UAM & UMC) - Degenerate Parabolic Problems with Nonlocal Effects: From Nonlocal Porous Medium to Nonlocal Thin Film Flows

Claude Warnick (Cambridge) - Black Holes and Scattering Resonances

Aihua Wood (Oxford & AFIT) - Through-Wall Radar Detection Analysis via Numerical Simulations 

With student talks:

Gabriele Benomio (Imperial) - The Black Hole Stability Problem in Higher Dimensions: An Instability Theorem

Megan Griffin-Pickering (Cambridge) - A Particle Approximation for the Kinetic Incompressible Euler Equation

Adam Prosinski (Oxford) - Calculus of Variations in the Anisotropic Setting

Andreas Sojmark (Oxford) - The Supercooled Stefan Problem: A Probabilistic Take on Blow-Ups and Global Solvability


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Gui-Qiang Chen (Oxford)

Clément Mouhot (Cambridge)


Jonathan Whyman (Oxford)