Wellbeing Strategy

As a department we take the wellbeing of our students and staff seriously and we aim to foster an inclusive and supportive culture where everyone can thrive and achieve their full potential. Offering effective and timely support systems, alongside training about mental health and wellbeing for our people and their supervisors / managers, will help the Mathematical Institute endure as a wonderful place to work and study, attracting and retaining the best people and supporting their needs. 

The Wellbeing Strategy is intended for implementation from 2023/24 and aims to:

  1. Proactively promote good mental health and wellbeing
  2. Support our leaders, managers and student supervisors to foster an inclusive environment in which students and staff can thrive
  3. Nurture and develop each individual, enabling everyone to achieve their full potential
  4. Work seamlessly with colleagues across the collegiate university
  5. Ensure that decisions are supported by evidence and success is measured

In order to achieve the above aims, the department has identified various actions to support the needs of staff and students towards an inclusive and supportive culture. The department has already taken major steps to deliver on most of these actions: 




Updates on actions

  • Ensure effective communication of support, training and events on offer, across University and departmentally, to increase engagement, awareness and participation.

A more consistent and effective communication of support available within the department

  • Review departmental EAP provision, in line with plans from Thriving at Oxford.


  • Support university and divisional training provision with bespoke in-house sessions to support a) an inclusive culture and b) mental health awareness.

Runs an in-person and online session at the end of each term. Email HR to go on waiting list.

  • Deliver engaging and inclusive events to support wellbeing and good physical health.

Several department network events to support wellbeing (e.g., Fridays@4)

  • Complete the planned Stint Review to address faculty workload, and Assessment Methods Review to address staff and student workload and wellbeing.

The forthcoming departmental teaching stint review will help address workload concerns within the department

  • Refresh the departmental inductions for new students and staff, in particular enhancing the on-boarding and induction provided for new faculty members.

A refresh of the induction process is ongoing, for example to digitise induction materials, to enhance the provision for faculty, and to provide a ‘buddy’ for ECRs from day one.

  • Review 2022/23 PG surveys and 2023 staff survey to analyse wellbeing data and consider actions required.

2023 staff survey reviewed, with key concerns being addressed by the department’s projects and initiatives. 2023 staff experience survey report

  • Provide faculty with the opportunity for career development discussions.

Launch of Career Development Discussions for faculty, and a review of CDR for ECRs and PDR for PSS is planned for 2023/2024 academic year

  • Ensure that the support available during sickness absence is well communicated (including entitlement to paid leave for students and staff) and clarify surrounding responsibilities, for example, for RG Heads and supervisors.

Support for managers and PIs (for example day to day management / HR processes and policy, running a successful research group, student supervision).

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