The Mathematical Institute is a department established by the Mathematical, Physical, and Life Sciences Board under statute VII (Section 11). The Head of the Department (HOD) is appointed in accordance with Council Regulation 30 (2002), with the responsibilities set out below. In accordance with this regulation, the HOD is advised by Department Committee on all matters affecting the department. The HOD reports to the MPLS Divisional Board through the Head of Division.

The responsibilities of the Head of Department are set out here

In practice, responsibility for finance, resources, employment and other administrative matters is shared with the Head of Administration (the Administrator), who reports formally to the MPLS Divisional Registrar but in practice is accountable to the HOD on a day-to-day basis. On the advice of Department Committee, the HOD appoints officers who act under delegated authority in specific areas of the HOD’s responsibilities. Information on departmental office-holders can be found here

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