Conditions of Use

  1. Any pages stored on the Institute's web servers should typically be work-related. Suitable topics for work-related webpages include:
    • contact information
    • research interests
    • lecture notes
    • lists of links to collaborators' homepages

    Other material is permitted provided it:
    • is not the initial page generally linked to from other official locations
    • does not contain material that reflects badly on the department or is inappropriate to be hosted on the departmental server
    • does not impact on the provision of academic material
    • does not require significant disk space
  2. Each page you write must display clearly your name and email address to which people can send corrections and comments. It must also show the last time/date the page was changed. In the case of the main departmental content management system it is sufficient to use the mechanism provided that shows these details or a contact form link depending on the context. For personal pages beyond the content management system this can be made easier by using a server side include.
  3. The user has a responsibility to maintain their web pages and to ensure where possible the HTML is valid and the links are not broken. To help with this several tools are available.
  4. You should also give strong consideration to the accessibility of your pages. For more information on accessibility see the department accessibility policy.
  5. You must also be aware of data protection issues.
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