Applicants from outside Oxford applying for the MSc should follow the usual Oxford University postgraduate admission procedure explained here. Applications should be submitted for the second gathered field deadline in January (12 noon on Friday 19th January 2024 for entry in October 2024).

Oxford applicants currently enrolled on the MMath, MPhys or MPhysPhil course who wish to transfer to the MMathPhys should fill in the form below by the same deadline (12 noon on Friday 19th January 2024 for entry in October 2024).

Process for applying to transfer to the MMathPhys:

  • Discuss transferring to the MMathPhys with your college tutor
  • Fill in the form below, to include your full name, college e-mail address (which must be in the format @email, not in the @email format, otherwise you won't get an application receipt notification) and current course
  • Enter the name of your tutor you have had a discussion with, and their university e-mail address (either college or departmental is fine)
  • After completing your Part B exams in the summer, the admissions panel will consider your Part A and Part B examination results and conclude if the conditions have been met to transfer to the MMathPhys. You must obtain an average of 68 in Parts A & B combined to join the MMathPhys.
  • By the end of July, you will receive a letter via e-mail informing you if you have been sucessful in transferring to the MMathPhys, or if you have been unsucessful in meeting the conditions and will therefore carry on with your current course of study
  • If you are successful in transferring to the MMathPhys, you will decide on whether you wish to accept the offer or stay on your original course of study. Your college office will also be informed if you are successful in transferring to the MMathPhys, in the event that you do wish to transfer and will then need to complete a 'Change of Circumstances' form.

If you experience any problems submitting your form please email @email.


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