The Language Centre offers fast-track courses in modern languages. The Mathematical Institute will partially fund students to join these classes in MT and HT. To qualify, students must be on either the Mathematics, Mathematics & Statistics or Mathematics & Philosophy degrees in Part A, Part B or Part C.

1st year students (Prelims) are not eligible for funding.

These courses do not contribute towards your degree. 

To register, qualifying students must complete the following by Wednesday week 1 MT: 

1) complete the webform below

2) follow the instructions on the Language Centre website to enroll on the fast-track course of their choice and pay the associated course fee

Course enrollment details will be cross-referenced with the Language Centre and students will be given the opportunity from Week 2 to reclaim 50% of the fast-track course fee from the Mathematical Institute. Students may then wish to ask their College whether the College is willing to reimburse the other 50% of the fee. 

Please ensure you qualify for the funding by being on the appropriate degree course and year before paying for your course. Please also note that departmental funding is only available for the fast-track language course pathway in MT and HT, for the first 50% of the course. It is not possible to join the courses for one term only. If you have any queries please contact @email.

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