Below are the undergraduate handbooks for current students. The current course synopses can be found here. Course synopses and handbooks from previous years can be found in the archive of course documents which can be accessed via the menu on the left of this page.  Lecture notes and problem sheets can be found on the course material webpages.  You may also wish to refer to the examination conventions for your course which can be found on the undergraduate notices page.

BA/MMath in Mathematics


UG Mathematics Handbook 2021


UG Mathematics Handbook 2020


Undergraduate Handbook 2019

BA/MMathPhil in Mathematics and Philosophy


Mathematics and Philosophy handbook 2021


Mathematics and Philosophy UG handbook 2020


M&P Undergraduate Handbook 2019

Mathematics and Computer Science & Mathematics and Statistics

Course synsopses and handbooks for the joint degrees with Statistics and Computer Science can be accessed via the following links.

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