Before You Arrive

Introduction to Oxford

Once again, congratulations on becoming a student of the University of Oxford. You will be joining an internationally reputable institution with a long history in providing a first-class education. The central university website contains a plethora of information that will be useful to you in your preparations over the summer.


Induction Programme

The induction to the programme will begin in Week 0 of Michaelmas Term. For the 2021-22 academic year, your induction will be provided online and in-person when possible. Information will be circulated in Week -1.


Course Registration

Prior to the start of the academic year, we ask students to register for the courses that they are interested in taking throughout the year. This enables us to plan the classes to make sure that we have the right number of sets for each course. These choices are tentative and you will have the opportunity to make changes at the beginning of each term. You will be able to get further information on the courses being offered and the online registration form here.


Preparatory Material

As the OMMS course will be running parallel to the fourth year of the Mathematics undergraduate programme, also known as Part C, the courses open to OMMS students will also be available to Part C students. This means that many of theses courses have pre-requisites related to first, second and third year courses.

We have created a page containing 'preparation material', including the lecture notes of some third year (Part B) courses and exercises for you to work through in the summer before you arrive in Oxford. These resources are optional and meant to be an opportunity to fill in any gaps in your knowledge.

Please note this page is being updated throughout the summer in the run-up to the course start date.


Course Buddy

Over the summer before the course start date, you will be buddied with one of the Mathematical Institute's current students who will be starting their fourth year of an integrated masters course in the next academic year. You can approach your buddy with any questions you might have about the department, the collegiate system or Oxford life.