Sheafy matrix factorizations and bundles of quadrics

2 May 2013

A Landau-Ginzburg B-model is a smooth scheme $X$, equipped with a global function $W$. From $(X,W)$ we can construct a category $D(X,W)$, which is called by various names, including ‘the category of B-branes’. In the case $W=0$ it is exactly the derived category $D(X)$, and in the case that $X$ is affine it is the category of matrix factorizations of $W$. There has been a lot of foundational work on this category in recent years, I’ll describe the most modern and flexible approach to its construction. I’ll then interpret Nick Addington’s thesis in this language. We’ll consider the case that $W$ is a quadratic form on a vector bundle, and the corresponding global version of Knorrer periodicity. We’ll see that interesting gerbe structures arise, related to the bundle of isotropic Grassmannians.

  • Representation Theory Seminar