Seminar series
Thu, 06 Jun 2013
17:00 - 18:00
Marcus Tressl

An externally definable set of a first order structure $M$ is a set of the form $X\cap M^n$ for a set $X$ that is parametrically definable in some elementary extension of $M$. By a theorem of Shelah, these sets form again a first order structure if $M$ is NIP. If $M$ is a real closed field, externally definable sets can be described as some sort of limit sets (to be explained in the talk), in the best case as Hausdorff limits of definable families. It is conjectured that the Shelah structure on a real closed field is generated by expanding the field with convex subsets of the line. This is known to be true in the archimedean case by van den Dries (generalised by Marker and Steinhorn). I will report on recent progress around this question, mainly its confirmation on real closed fields that are close to being maximally valued with archimedean residue field. The main tool is an algebraic characterisation of definable types in real closed valued fields. I also intend to give counterexamples to a localized version of the conjecture. This is joint work with Francoise Delon.

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