The inverse scattering problem for integrable quantum field theories in two dimensions, and its operator-algebraic solution

16 February 2016
Gandalf Lechner

In this talk, I will review an inverse scattering construction of interacting integrable quantum field theories on two-dimensional Minkowski space and its ramifications. The construction starts from a given two-body S-matrix instead of a classical Lagrangean, and defines corresponding quantum field theories in a non-perturbative manner in two steps: First certain semi-local fields are constructed explicitly, and then the analysis of the local observable content is carried out with operator-algebraic methods (Tomita-Takesaki modular theory, split subfactor inclusions). I will explain how this construction solves the inverse scattering problem for a large family of interactions, and also discuss perspectives on extensions of this program to higher dimensions and/or non-integrable theories.

  • Quantum Field Theory Seminar