Resolution of singularities and definability in a globally subanalytic setting

5 May 2016
Tamara Servi

Given a collection F of holomorphic functions, we consider how to describe all the holomorphic functions locally definable from F. The notion of local definability of holomorphic functions was introduced by Wilkie, who gave a complete description of all functions locally definable from F in the neighbourhood of a generic point. We prove that this description is not complete anymore in the neighbourhood of non-generic points. More precisely, we produce three examples of holomorphic functions which each suggest that at least three new definable operations need to be added to Wilkie's description in order to capture local definability in its entirety. The construction illustrates the interaction between resolution of singularities and definability in the o-minimal setting. Joint work with O. Le Gal, G. Jones, J. Kirby.