The geometry of efficient arithmetic on elliptic curves

26 October 2016

The introduction of Edwards' curves in 2007 relaunched a
deeper study of the arithmetic of elliptic curves with a
view to cryptographic applications.  In particular, this
research focused on the role of the model of the curve ---
a triple consisting of a curve, base point, and projective
(or affine) embedding. From the computational perspective,
a projective (as opposed to affine) model allows one to
avoid inversions in the base field, while from the
mathematical perspective, it permits one to reduce various
arithmetical operations to linear algebra (passing through
the language of sheaves). We describe the role of the model,
particularly its classification up to linear isomorphism
and its role in the linearization of the operations of addition,
doubling, and scalar multiplication.

  • Cryptography Seminar