Tue, 22 Nov 2016
15:45 - 16:45
Mark McLean
Stony Brook

Suppose that we have a finite quotient singularity $\mathbb C^n/G$ admitting a crepant resolution $Y$ (i.e. a resolution with $c_1 = 0$). The cohomological McKay correspondence says that the cohomology of $Y$ has a basis given by irreducible representations of $G$ (or conjugacy classes of $G$). Such a result was proven by Batyrev when the coefficient field $\mathbb F$ of the cohomology group is $\mathbb Q$. We give an alternative proof of the cohomological McKay correspondence in some cases by computing symplectic cohomology+ of $Y$ in two different ways. This proof also extends the result to all fields $\mathbb F$ whose characteristic does not divide $|G|$ and it gives us the corresponding basis of conjugacy classes in $H^*(Y)$. We conjecture that there is an extension to certain non-crepant resolutions. This is joint work with Alex Ritter.

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