Joint Logic/Number Theory Seminar: Arithmetic applications of $\omega$-integral curves in varieties

3 November 2016
Natalia Garcia-Fritz

In 2000, Vojta solved the n-squares problem under the Bombieri-Lang conjecture, by explicitly finding all the curves of genus 0 or 1 on the surfaces related to this problem. The fundamental notion used by him is $\omega$-integrality of curves. 
In this talk, I will show a generalization of Vojta's method to find all curves of low genus in some surfaces, with arithmetic applications.
I will also explain how to use $\omega$-integrality to obtain a bound of the height of a non-constant morphism from a curve to $\mathbb{P}^2$ in terms of the number of intersections (without multiplicities) of its image with a divisor of a particular kind. This proves some new special cases of Vojta's conjecture for function fields.