An Abundance of K3 Fibrations from Polyhedra with Interchangeable Parts


Candelas, P
Constantin, A
Skarke, H

Publication Date: 

19 July 2012


Communications in Mathematical Physics

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Even a cursory inspection of the Hodge plot associated with Calabi-Yau
threefolds that are hypersurfaces in toric varieties reveals striking
structures. These patterns correspond to webs of elliptic-K3 fibrations whose
mirror images are also elliptic-K3 fibrations. Such manifolds arise from
reflexive polytopes that can be cut into two parts along slices corresponding
to the K3 fibers. Any two half-polytopes over a given slice can be combined
into a reflexive polytope. This fact, together with a remarkable relation on
the additivity of Hodge numbers, explains much of the structure of the observed

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Journal Article