Stochastic discrete Hamiltonian variational integrators

29 November 2016
Tom Tyranowski

Stochastic Hamiltonian systems with multiplicative noise are a mathematical model for many physical systems with uncertainty. For example, they can be used to describe synchrotron oscillations of a particle in a storage ring. Just like their deterministic counterparts, stochastic Hamiltonian systems possess several important geometric features; for instance, their phase flows preserve the canonical symplectic form. When simulating these systems numerically, it is therefore advisable that the numerical scheme also preserves such geometric structures. In this talk we propose a variational principle for stochastic Hamiltonian systems and use it to construct stochastic Galerkin variational integrators. We show that such integrators are indeed symplectic, preserve integrals of motion related to Lie group symmetries, demonstrate superior long-time energy behavior compared to nonsymplectic methods, and they include stochastic symplectic Runge-Kutta methods as a special case. We also analyze their convergence properties and present the results of several numerical experiments. 

  • Numerical Analysis Group Internal Seminar