The topological closure of algebraic and o-minimal flows in compact tori

9 February 2017
Kobi Peterzil

(joint work with Sergei Starchenko)

Let p:C^n ->A be the covering map of a complex abelian variety and let X be an algebraic variety of C^n, or more generally a definable set in an o-minimal expansion of the real field. Ullmo and Yafaev investigated the topological closure of p(X) in A in the above two  settings and conjectured that the frontier of p(X) can be described, when X is algebraic as finitely many cosets of real sub tori of A, They proved the conjecture when dim X=1. They make a similar conjecture for X definable in an o-minimal structure.

In recent work we show that the above conjecture fails as stated, and prove a modified version,  describing the frontier of p(X) as finitely many families of cosets of subtori. We prove a similar result when X is a definable set in an o-minimal structure and p:R^n-> T is the covering map of a real torus.  The proofs use model theory of o-minimal structures as well as algebraically closed valued fields.