Transseries as surreal analytic functions

27 April 2017
Vincenzo Mantova

Transseries arise naturally when solving differential equations around essential singularities. Just like most Taylor series are not convergent, most transseries do not converge to real functions, even when using advanced summation techniques.


On the other hand, we can show that all classical transseries induce analytic functions on the surreal line. In fact, this holds for an even larger (proper) class of series which we call "omega-series".


Omega-series can be composed and differentiated, like LE-series, and they form a differential subfield of surreal numbers equipped with the simplest derivation. This raises once again the question whether all surreal numbers can be also interpreted as functions. Unfortunately, it turns out that the simplest derivation is in fact incompatible with this goal.


This is joint work with A. Berarducci.