A Stratonovich-to-Skorohod conversion formula for integrals with respect to Gaussian rough paths

22 May 2017

Lyons’ theory of rough paths allows us to solve stochastic differential equations driven by a Gaussian processes X of finite p-variation. The rough integral of the solutions against X again exists. We show that the solution also belong to the domain of the divergence operator of the Malliavin derivative, so that the 'Skorohod integral' of the solution with respect to X can also be defined. The latter operation has some properties in common with the Ito integral, and a natural question is to find a closed-form conversion formula between this rough integral and its Malliavin divergence. This is particularly useful in applications, where often one wants to compute the (conditional) expectation of the rough integral. In the case of Brownian motion our formula reduces to the classical Stratonovich-to-Ito conversion formula. There is an interesting difference between the formulae obtained in the cases 2<=p<3 and 3<=p<4, and we consider the reasons for this difference. We elaborate on the connection with previous work in which the integrand is generally assumed to be the gradient of a smooth function of X_{t}; we show that our formula can recover these results as special cases. This is joint work with Nengli Lim.

  • Stochastic Analysis Seminar