Generalised Summation-by-Parts Operators, Entropy Stability, and Split Forms

10 October 2017
Hendrik Ranocha

High-order methods for conservation laws can be highly efficient if their stability is ensured. A suitable means mimicking estimates of the continuous level is provided by summation-by-parts (SBP) operators and the weak enforcement of boundary conditions. Recently, there has been an increasing interest in generalised SBP operators both in the finite difference and the discontinuous Galerkin spectral element framework.

However, if generalised SBP operators are used, the treatment of boundaries becomes more difficult since some properties of the continuous level are no longer mimicked discretely —interpolating the product of two functions will in general result in a value different from the product of the interpolations. Thus, desired properties such as conservation and stability are more difficult to obtain.

In this talk, the concept of generalised SBP operators and their application to entropy stable semidiscretisations will be presented. Several recent ideas extending the range of possible methods are discussed, presenting both advantages and several shortcomings.

  • Numerical Analysis Group Internal Seminar