Brownian motion on Perelman's almost Ricci-flat manifold

23 April 2018
Esther Cabezas-Rivas

We study Brownian motion and stochastic parallel transport on Perelman's almost Ricci flat manifold,  whose dimension depends on a parameter $N$ unbounded from above. By taking suitable projections we construct sequences of space-time Brownian motion and stochastic parallel transport whose limit as $N\to \infty$ are the corresponding objects for the Ricci flow. In order to make precise this process of passing to the limit, we study the martingale problems for the Laplace operator on Perelman’s manifold and for the horizontal Laplacian on the corresponding orthonormal frame bundle.

As an application, we see how the characterizations of two-sided bounds on the Ricci curvature established by A. Naber applied to Perelman's manifold lead to the inequalities that characterize solutions of the Ricci flow discovered by Naber and Haslhofer.

This is joint work with Robert Haslhofer.


  • Geometry and Analysis Seminar