Towards an M5-brane model: A 6d superconformal field theory

22 May 2018
Christian Saemann

I will discuss a classical six-dimensional superconformal field theory containing a non-abelian tensor multiplet which we recently constructed in arXiv:1712.06623.

This theory satisfies many of the properties of the mysterious (2,0)-theory: non-abelian 2-form potentials, ADE-type gauge structure, reduction to Yang-Mills theory and reduction to M2-brane models. There are still some crucial differences to the (2,0)-theory, but our action seems to be a key stepping stone towards a potential classical formulation of the (2,0)-theory.

I will review in detail the underlying mathematics of categorified gauge algebras and categorified connections, which make our constructions possible.


  • Quantum Field Theory Seminar