What do mathematicians do on Saturday nights?

Doing anything Saturday night? Well, if you are an Oxford Mathematician you might just be rushing around London learning to ballroom dance or trying to get your head around the sound wave patterns of a theremin or perhaps cracking a safe or two.

Why? The answer is Midnight Madness, a series of challenges which lead participants on an intellectual treasure hunt around London. Starting at 8pm on Saturday (May 19th), the madness lasts until high noon on Sunday. The Oxford team, together with colleagues from University College London will be competing against the brightest minds in the City. Will the academics prove superior or will years of mathematics have left them soft and contemplative against the sharp intellectual elbows of their opponents? The Oxford and UCL team has been selected via rigorous mathematical assessment (sort of) and features ageing Professors, puzzles gurus, as well as nimble (we hope) graduate students and our brilliant Head of IT. Hours have been spent coming up with a team name and logo (see image). But will it be enough? 

Midnight Madness is in aid of Raise Your Hands, which supports small, effective charities that improve the lives of children across the UK.