Geometric model theory in separably closed valued fields

26 February 2019
Martin Hils

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joint work with Moshe Kamensky and Silvain Rideau


Let $p$ be a fixed prime number and let $SCVF_p$ be the theory of separably closed non-trivially valued fields of
characteristic $p$. In the talk, we will see that, in many ways, the step from $ACVF_{p,p}$ to $SCVF_p$ is not more
complicated than the one from $ACF_p$ to $SCF_p$.

At a basic level, this is true for quantifier elimination (Delon), for which it suffices to add parametrized $p$-coordinate
functions to any of the usual languages for valued fields. It follows that all completions are NIP.

At a more sophisticated level, in finite degree of imperfection, when a $p$-basis is named or when one just works with
Hasse derivations, the imaginaries of $SCVF_p$ are not more complicated than the ones in $ACVF_{p,p}$, i.e., they are
classified by the geometric sorts of Haskell-Hrushovski-Macpherson. The latter is proved using prolongations. One may
also use these to characterize the stable part and the stably dominated types in $SCVF_p$, and to show metastability.