Seminar series
Wed, 14 Nov 2018
11:00 - 13:00
Denis Serre
ENS Lyon

A lot of physical processes are modelled by conservation laws (mass, momentum, energy, charge, ...) Because of natural symmetries, these conservation laws express often that some symmetric tensor is divergence-free, in the space-time variables. We extract from this structure a non-trivial information, whenever the tensor takes positive semi-definite values. The qualitative part is called Compensated Integrability, while the quantitative part is a generalized Gagliardo inequality.

In the first part, we shall present the theoretical analysis. The proofs of various versions involve deep results from the optimal transportation theory. Then we shall deduce new fundamental estimates for gases (Euler system, Boltzmann equation, Vlaov-Poisson equation).

One of the theorems will have been used before, during the Monday seminar (PDE Seminar 4pm Monday 12 November).

All graduate students, post-docs faculty and visitors are welcome to come to the lectures. If you aren't a member of the CDT please email @email to confirm that you will be attending.


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