He calls it a "crazy idea." Then again, he points out, so is the idea of inflation as a way of explaining the beginnings of our Universe.

In our Oxford Mathematics London Public Lecture at the Science Museum in London, Roger Penrose revealed his latest research. In both his talk and his subsequent conversation with fellow mathematician and broadcaster Hannah Fry, Roger speculated on a veritable chain reaction of universes, which he says has been backed by evidence of events that took place before the Big Bang. With Conformal Cyclic Cosmology he argues that, instead of a single Big Bang, the universe cycles from one aeon to the next. Each universe leaves subtle imprints on the next when it pops into being.  Energy can 'burst through' from one universe to the next, at what he calls ‘Hawking points.’

In addition to his latest research Roger also reflects on his own approach to his subject ("big-headedness") and his own time at school where he was actually dropped down a maths class. So we are not alone, universally or personally speaking.

The Oxford Mathematics Public Lectures are generously supported by XTX Markets.

Photos courtesy of the Science Museum Group.



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