The branching-ruin number, the once-reinforced random walk, and other results

18 February 2019

In a joint-work with Andrea Collevecchio and Vladas Sidoravicius,  we study  phase transitions in the recurrence/transience of a class of self-interacting random walks on trees, which includes the once-reinforced random walk. For this purpose, we define the branching-ruin number of a tree, which is  a natural way to measure trees with polynomial growth and therefore provides a polynomial version of the branching number defined by Furstenberg (1970) and studied by R. Lyons (1990). We prove that the branching-ruin number of a tree is equal to the critical parameter for the recurrence/transience of the once-reinforced random walk on this tree. We will also mention two other results where the branching-ruin number arises as critical parameter: first, in the context of random walks on heavy-tailed random conductances on trees and, second, in the case of Volkov's M-digging random walk.

  • Stochastic Analysis Seminar