Tue, 11 Jun 2019
15:30 - 16:30
Alastair Craw
University of Bath

For a finite subgroup $G$ of $SL(2,C)$ and for $n \geq 1$,  the Hilbert scheme $X=Hilb^{[n]}(S)$ of $n$ points on the minimal resolution $S$ of the Kleinian singularity $C^2/G$ provides a crepant resolution of the symplectic quotient $C^{2n}/G_n$, where $G_n$ is the wreath product of $G$ with $S_n$. I'll explain why every projective, crepant resolution of $C^{2n}/G_n$ is a quiver variety, and why the movable cone of $X$ can be described in terms of an extended Catalan hyperplane arrangement of the root system associated to $G$ by John McKay. These results extend the algebro-geometric aspects of Kronheimer's hyperkahler description of $S$ to higher dimensions. This is joint work with Gwyn Bellamy.

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