Smoothness of Persistence

21 June 2019
Jacob Leygonie

We can see the simplest setting of persistence from a functional point of view: given a fixed finite simplicial complex, we have the barcode function which, given a filter function over this complex, returns the corresponding persistent diagram. The bottleneck distance induces a topology on the space of persistence diagrams, and makes the barcode function a continuous map: this is a consequence of the stability Theorem. In this presentation, I will present ongoing work that seeks to deepen our understanding of the analytic properties of the barcode function, in particular whether it can be said to be smooth. Namely, if we smoothly vary the filter function, do we get smooth changes in the resulting persistent diagram? I will introduce a notion of differentiability/smoothness for barcode valued maps, and then explain why the barcode function is smooth (but not everywhere) with respect to the choice of filter function. I will finally explain why these notions are of interest in practical optimisation/learning situations. 

  • Topological Data Analysis Seminar