A motivic DT/PT correspondence via Quot schemes

12 November 2019
Andrea T. Ricolfi

Donaldson-Thomas invariants of a Calabi-Yau 3-fold Y are related to Pandharipande-Thomas invariants via a wall-crossing formula known as the DT/PT correspondence, proved by Bridgeland and Toda. The same relation holds for the “local invariants”, those encoding the contribution of a fixed smooth curve in Y. We show how to lift the local DT/PT correspondence to the motivic level and provide an explicit formula for the local motivic invariants, exploiting the critical structure on certain Quot schemes acting as our local models. Our strategy is parallel to the one used by Behrend, Bryan and Szendroi in their definition and computation of degree zero motivic DT invariants. If time permits, we discuss a further (conjectural) cohomological upgrade of the local DT/PT correspondence.
Joint work with Ben Davison.

  • Algebraic Geometry Seminar