Overview of a quotient geometry with simple geodesics for the manifold of fixed-rank positive-semidefinite matrices

12 November 2019
Estelle Massart

We describe the main geometric tools required to work on the manifold of fixed-rank symmetric positive-semidefinite matrices: we present expressions for the Riemannian logarithm and the injectivity radius, to complement the already known Riemannian exponential. This manifold is particularly relevant when dealing with low-rank approximations of large positive-(semi)definite matrices. The manifold is represented as a quotient of the set of full-rank rectangular matrices (endowed with the Euclidean metric) by the orthogonal group. Our results allow understanding the failure of some curve fitting algorithms, when the rank of the data is overestimated. We illustrate these observations on a dataset made of covariance matrices characterizing a wind field.

  • Numerical Analysis Group Internal Seminar