Modelling collective cell migration: neural crest as a model paradigm.


Giniūnaitė, R
Baker, R
Kulesa, P
Maini, P

Publication Date: 

5 October 2019


Journal of mathematical biology

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A huge variety of mathematical models have been used to investigate collective cell migration. The aim of this brief review is twofold: to present a number of modelling approaches that incorporate the key factors affecting cell migration, including cell-cell and cell-tissue interactions, as well as domain growth, and to showcase their application to model the migration of neural crest cells. We discuss the complementary strengths of microscale and macroscale models, and identify why it can be important to understand how these modelling approaches are related. We consider neural crest cell migration as a model paradigm to illustrate how the application of different mathematical modelling techniques, combined with experimental results, can provide new biological insights. We conclude by highlighting a number of future challenges for the mathematical modelling of neural crest cell migration.

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Journal Article