Functional Modular Zilber-Pink with Derivatives

7 November 2019
Vahagn Aslanyan

I will present Pila's Modular Zilber-Pink with Derivatives (MZPD) conjecture, which is a Zilber-Pink type statement for the j-function and its derivatives, and discuss some weak and functional/differential analogues. In particular, I will define special varieties in each setting and explain the relationship between them. I will then show how one can prove the aforementioned weak/functional/differential MZPD statements using the Ax-Schanuel theorem for the j-function and its derivatives and some basic complex analytic geometry. Note that I gave a similar talk in Oxford last year (where I discussed a differential MZPD conjecture and proved it assuming an Existential Closedness conjecture for j), but this talk is going to be significantly different from that one (the approach presented in this talk will be mostly complex analytic rather than differential algebraic, and the results will be unconditional).