The Golod-Shafarevich Theorem: Endgame

10 June 2019
Jay Swar

The principal ideal theorem (1930) guaranteed that any number field K would embed into a finite extension, called the Hilbert class field of K, in which every ideal of the original field became principal -- however the Hilbert class field itself will not necessarily have class number 1. The class field tower problem asked whether iteratively taking Hilbert class fields must stabilize after finitely many steps. In 1964, it was finally answered in the negative by Golod and Shafarevich who produced infinitely many examples and pioneered the framework that is still the most common setting for deciding when a number field will have an infinite class field tower.

In this talk, I will finish the proof of their cohomological result and thus fully justify how it settled the class field tower problem.

  • Junior Number Theory Seminar