Two Models of Random Simplicial Complexes

21 February 2020

The talk will introduce two general models of random simplicial complexes which extend the highly studied Erdös-Rényi model for random graphs. These models include the well known probabilistic models of random simplicial complexes from Costa-Farber, Kahle, and Linial-Meshulam as special cases. These models turn out to have a satisfying Alexander duality relation between them prompting the hope that information can be transferred for free between them. This turns out to not quite be the case with vanishing probability parameters, but when all parameters are uniformly bounded the duality relation works a treat. Time permitting I may talk about the Rado simplicial complex, the unique (with probability one) infinite random simplicial complex.
This talk is based on various bits of joint work with Michael Farber, Tahl Nowik, and Lewin Strauss.

  • Topological Data Analysis Seminar