Aut(T) has trivial outer automorphism group

29 January 2020
Ido Grayevsky

The automorphism group of a d-regular tree is a topological group with many interesting features. A nice thing about this group is that while some of its features are highly non-trivial (e.g., the existence of infinitely many pairwise non-conjugate simple subgroups), often the ideas involved in the proofs are fairly intuitive and geometric. 
I will present a proof for the fact that the outer automorphism group of (Aut(T)) is trivial. This is original joint work with Gil Goffer, but as is often the case in this area, was already proven by Bass-Lubotzky 20 years ago. I will mainly use this talk to hint at how algebra, topology and geometry all play a role when working with Aut(T).

  • Junior Topology and Group Theory Seminar