Homology of moduli stacks of complexes

4 May 2020
Jacob Gross

There are many known ways to compute the homology of the moduli space of algebraic vector bundles on a curve. For higher-dimensional varieties however, this problem is very difficult. It turns out that the moduli stack of objects in the derived category of a variety X, however, is topologically simpler than the moduli stack of vector bundles on X. We compute the rational homology of the moduli stack of complexes in the derived category of a smooth complex projective variety. For a certain class of varieties X including curves, surfaces, flag varieties, and certain 3- and 4-folds we get that the rational cohomology is freely generated by Künneth components of Chern characters of the universal complex––this allows us to identify Joyce's vertex algebra construction with a super-lattice vertex algebra on the rational cohomology of X in these cases. 

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  • Geometry and Analysis Seminar