Dynamic buckling of an inextensible elastic ring: Linear and nonlinear analyses


Kodio, O
Goriely, A
Vella, D

Publication Date: 

13 May 2020


Physical Review E

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Slender elastic objects such as a column tend to buckle under loads. While static buckling is well understood as a bifurcation problem, the evolution of shapes during dynamic buckling is much harder to study. Elastic rings under normal pressure have emerged as a theoretical and experimental paradigm for the study of dynamic buckling with controlled loads. Experimentally, an elastic ring is placed within a soap film. When the film outside the ring is removed, surface tension pulls the ring inward, mimicking an external pressurization. Here we present a theoretical analysis of this process by performing a postbifurcation analysis of an elastic ring under pressure. This analysis allows us to understand how inertia, material properties, and loading affect the observed shape. In particular, we combine direct numerical solutions with a postbifurcation asymptotic analysis to show that inertia drives the system towards higher modes that cannot be selected in static buckling. Our theoretical results explain experimental observations that cannot be captured by a standard linear stability analysis.

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Journal Article