Poincare's Polyhedron Theorem and Applications to Algorithms.

27 May 2020

Much progress in the study of 3-manifolds has been made by considering the geometric structures they admit. This is nowhere more true than for 3-manifolds which admit a hyperbolic structure. However, in the land of algorithms a more combinatorial approach is necessary, replacing our charts and isometries with finite simplicial complexes that are defined by a finite amount of data. 

In this talk we'll have a look at how in fact one can combine the two approaches, using the geometry of hyperbolic 3-manifolds to assist in this more combinatorial approach. To do so we'll combine tools from Hyperbolic Geometry, Triangulations, and perhaps suprisingly Polynomial Algebra to find explicit bounds on the runtime of an algorithm for comparing Hyperbolic manifolds.

  • Junior Topology and Group Theory Seminar