Wed, 13 May 2020
17:00 - 18:00
Renaud Lambiotte
University of Oxford

Further Information

For several weeks news media has been full of how contact tracing Smartphone apps could help fight COVID-19. However, mobile phones can do more than just trace - they are vital tools in the measurement, prediction and control of the virus.

Looking at recent epidemics as well as COVID-19, Renaud will discuss the different types of data that researchers have been collecting, demonstrating their pros and cons as well as taking a wider view of where mobile data can help us understand the impact of lockdowns on social behaviour and improve our ways of calibrating and updating our epidemiological models. And he will discuss the issue that underpins all this and which is vital for widespread take-up from the Public: privacy and data protection.

Renaud Lambiotte is Associate Professor of Networks and Nonlinear Systems in Oxford.

Watch live:

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