Mining learning analytics to optimise student learning journeys on the intelligent tutor, Maths-Whizz

5 June 2020
Junaid Mubeen

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A discussion session will follow the workshop and those interested are invited to stay in the meeting for the discussions.


Maths-Whizz is an online, virtual maths tutor for 5-13 year-olds that is designed to behave like a human tutor. Using adaptive assessment and decision-tree algorithms, the virtual tutor guides each student along a personalised learning journey tailored to their needs. As students interact with the tutor, the system captures a range of learning analytics as an automatic by-product. These analytics, collected on a per-lesson and per-question basis, then inform a range of research projects centred on students' learning patterns. This workshop will introduce the mechanics of the Maths-Whizz tutor, as well as its related learning analytics. We will summarise the research behind four InfoMM mini-projects and present open questions we are currently grappling with. Maths-Whizz has supported over a million children and thousands of schools worldwide, from the UK and US to rural Kenya, the DRC and Mexico. In a world of social distancing and widespread school closures, the need for virtual tutoring has never been more paramount to children's learning - and nor has your data analytical expertise!

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