Quantum State Reduction: its Interrelation with Relativity

19 January 2021
Roger Penrose

I take the “collapse of the wave-function” to be an objective physical process—OR (the Objective Reduction of the quantum state)—which I argue to be intimately related to a basic conflict between the principles of equivalence and quantum linear superposition, which leads us to a fairly specific formula (in agreement with one found earlier by Diósi) for the timescale for OR to take place. Moreover, we find that for consistency with relativity, OR needs to be “instantaneous” but with curious retro-active features. By extending an argument due to Donadi, for EPR situations, we find a fundamental conflict with “gradualist” models such as CSL, in which OR is taken to be the result of a (stochastic) evolution of quantum amplitudes.

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  • Quantum Field Theory Seminar