Classifying Superconformal Defects in Diverse Dimensions

30 October 2020
Yifan Wang

We explore general constraints from unitarity, defect superconformal symmetry and locality of bulk-defect couplings to classify possible superconformal defects in superconformal field theories (SCFT) of spacetime dimensions d>2.  Despite the general absence of locally conserved currents, the defect CFT contains new distinguished operators with protected quantum numbers that account for the broken bulk symmetries.  Consistency with the preserved superconformal symmetry and unitarity requires that such operators arrange into unitarity multiplets of the defect superconformal algebra, which in turn leads to nontrivial constraints on what kinds of defects are admissible in a given SCFT.  We will focus on the case of superconformal lines in this talk and comment on several interesting implications of our analysis, such as symmetry-enforced defect conformal manifolds, defect RG flows and possible nontrivial one-form symmetries in various SCFTs.  

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  • String Theory Journal Club