The Quot scheme Quotˡ(E)

16 March 2021

Grothendieck's Quot schemes — moduli spaces of quotient sheaves — are fundamental objects in algebraic geometry, but we know very little about them. This talk will focus on a relatively simple special case: the Quot scheme Quotˡ(E) of length l quotients of a vector bundle E of rank r on a smooth surface S. The scheme Quotˡ(E) is a cross of the Hilbert scheme of points of S (E=O) and the projectivisation of E (l=1); it carries a virtual fundamental class, and if l and r are at least 2, then Quotˡ(E) is singular. I will explain how the ADHM description of Quotˡ(E) provides a conjectural description of the singularities, and show how they can be resolved in the l=2 case. Furthermore, I will describe the relation between Quotˡ(E) and Quotˡ of a quotient of E, prove a functoriality result for the virtual fundamental class, and use it to compute certain tautological integrals over Quotˡ(E).

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  • Geometry and Analysis Seminar