The Holographic Swampland

5 February 2021
Filippo Revello

We investigate whether Swampland constraints on the low-energy dynamics of weakly coupled string vacua in AdS can be related to inconsistencies of their putative holographic duals or, more generally, recast in terms of CFT data. In the main part of the talk, we shall illustrate how various swampland consistency constraints are equivalent to a negativity condition on the sign of certain mixed anomalous dimensions. This condition is similar to established CFT positivity bounds arising from causality and unitarity, but not known to hold in general. Our analysis will include LVS, KKLT, perturbative and racetrack stabilisation, and we shall also point out an intriguing connection to the Distance Conjecture. In the final part we will take a complementary approach, and show how a recent, more rigorous CFT inequality maps to non-trivial constraints on AdS, mentioning possible applications along the way.

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  • String Theory Journal Club