Yangian Bootstrap for Massive Feynman Integrals

23 February 2021
Julian Miczajka

In this talk I review the recent discovery of Yangian symmetry for massive Feynman integrals and how it can be used to set up a Yangian Bootstrap. I will provide elementary proofs of the symmetry at one and two loops, whereas at generic loop order I conjecture that all graphs cut from regular tilings of the plane with massive propagators on the boundary enjoy the symmetry. After demonstrating how the symmetry may be used to constrain the functional form of Feynman integrals on explicit examples, I comment on how a subset of the diagrams for which the symmetry is conjectured to hold is naturally embedded in a Massive Fishnet theory that descends from gamma-deformed Coulomb branch N=4 Super-Yang-Mills theory in a particular double scaling limit.

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