Introduction to SPDEs from Probability and PDE - Lecture 1 of 4

20 April 2021
Dr. Avi Mayorcas

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Structure: 4 x 1.5hr Lectures 

Lecture 1:  Introduction and Preliminaries

  • Introduction to randomness in PDE
  • Stochastic analysis in infinite dimensions

The course will aim to provide an introduction to stochastic PDEs from the classical perspective, that being a mixture of stochastic analysis and PDE analysis. We will focus in particular on the variational approach to semi-linear parabolic problems, `a  la  Lions. There will also be comments on  other models and approaches.

  Suggested Pre-requisites: The course is broadly aimed at graduate students with some knowledge of PDE theory and/or stochastic  analysis. Familiarity with measure theory and functional analysis will be useful.

Lecture 1:  Introduction and Preliminaries

  • Introduction to randomness in PDE
  • Stochastic analysis in infinite dimensions

Literature: [DKM+09, Hai09, Par07, PR07, DPZ14]

Lecture 2: Variational Approach to Deterministic PDE

  • Variational approach to linear parabolic equations
  • Variational approaches to non-linear parabolic equations

Literature: [Par07, Eva10]

Lecture 3: Variational Approach to Parabolic SPDE

  • Itˆo’s formula in Hilbert spaces
  • Variational approach to monotone, coercive SPDE
  • Concrete examples

Literature: [PR07, Par07]

Lecture 4: Further Topics and Directions (time permitting)

  • Regularity of solutions
  • Ergodicity
  • Pathwise approach to SPDE

Literature: [Hai09, DKM+09, DPZ96, Hai14, GIP15]


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